Ensuring Your Full Entitlement

VAT represents a significant cost to any building project or property transaction. However, valuable savings can be made if the project qualifies for any of the various tax breaks offered in the UK tax legislation.

Timms Eida, ensures that property owners enjoy full entitlement to these savings.

Opportunities include:

  • VAT savings for works to residential, charitable and commercial buildings
  • Tax savings in the form of capital allowances for commercial property occupiers and investors Each tax relief has a host of conditions attached which need to be satisfied and evidenced in a form acceptable to HM Revenue & Customs. We have developed specialist expertise, procedures and documentation to meet these requirements whilst keeping fees competitive.

Timms Eida will:

  • plan the tax or VAT position from the earliest stages of any project
  • use in depth technical knowledge and experience of the property industry to remove the risk, uncertainty and speculation that often surround complex, time critical property tax issues
  • work rigorously to ensure we understand the project in detail as the smallest factors may make a huge difference in terms of tax saved
  • be available to explain tax issues to clients, building contractors and consultants
  • provide detailed and fully supported cost apportionments by combining our in house quantity surveying skills with a detailed understanding of the requirements of the tax legislation
  • keep up to date with the latest developments in property taxation by actively contributing to the VAT Practitioner’s Group, the VAT committee of the British Property Federation and the RICS tax policy panel

We are always happy to discuss a project or transaction to see if our services would be beneficial. Please call on either of the telephone numbers at the bottom of this page.