During our almost fifty-year history we have been instructed in a wide variety of construction projects, but the work can be arranged into three main categories: residential, commercial and other.


The majority of our work is on residential properties ranging in age and size. We are frequently instructed in relation to projects to conserve and refurbish heritage properties, which range in size from small, terraced properties to large manor houses and mansions. We can help clients who are planning a construction project for their residential property, whatever size or type of building. Contact us to discuss any kind of residential project from a new build house or extension, to building a new garage or outbuilding in the garden, refurbishing or renovating a property or doing some landscaping.


Our commercial work is also across of wide range of different types of buildings, from refurbishment of office accommodation in converted residential properties, to construction of new build office block. We have lots of experience with hotel refurbishment and have worked on hotel projects across the UK and Europe.


We have been involved in a lot of projects that fall into the other category, from church wardens who are replacing the boiler and heating system in a church, to a committee constructing a new build sports facility or a school who are extending their car park facility, community theatre groups renovating their theatre or hospitals adding an extension.

These are a few examples of some of the projects we have been instructed in.